Our Mission

The mission of Externautics is to apply high throughput immune-proteomic approaches to discover and exploit new diagnostic and therapeutic targets in the field of oncology, addressing unmet medical needs.

The goal of the company is to validate and to bring into early development, as diagnostic or therapeutic targets, newly identified human proteins in particular.

The objective of Externautics is to identify membrane-exposed or serum circulating proteins whose presence associate to the most frequent types of tumors. To meet this objective, Externautics will prepare protein microarrays with a library of about two thousand recombinant human cell-surface proteins the functions of which are poorly known and probe the protein arrays against sera from cancer patients. In addition, Externautics will use a library of mouse antisera raised against most of these proteins and screen it in tissue microarrays based on sections from the most frequent human tumors.

The company will take advantage of key collaborations with clinical investigators who will provide well pedigreed clinical specimens such as sera, cells and tissues. Validated targets will be exploited toward the development of specific monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.