Investors and Partners

EXTERNAUTICS was founded by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs with strong experience in the management of industrial Research and Development in the field of biopharmaceuticals.
Presently the shareholders are:

  • PRIMM srl, a biotech company based in Milan, Italy
  • MPS Venture SGR, a ventural capital firm based in Florence, Italy
  • Biofund, an investment fund based in Siena, Italy

About Primm

Primm is a biotech company established in 1989, specialized in the manufacturing and sale of Custom Services for the international scientific community. Primm is also engaged in Research and Development activities in the area of Oncology and Neurodegeneration, exploiting the internal know how developed during the years for the management of custom services.

Primm is based in Milan, Italy and its main operational site is at the San Raffaele Science Park. The company has also commercial subsidiaries in USA and Switzerland. Additional manufacturing sites are based in Treviso and Naples. Primm has developed the YOMICS platform that has led to the generation of innovative libraries of Antibodies and Proteins, presently exploited by Externautics in the field of Oncology.

About MPS Venture SGR

MPS VENTURE SGR SpA, a company of Montepaschi Banking Group was established in September 2001 with the purpose of managing closed-end investment funds in Italy. Since being formed MPS Venture SGR has invested in over 35 acquisitions. Leader by number of funds managed, transactions in portfolio, divestments and reimbursements, MPS Venture SGR currently manages 6 closed-end funds worth some 400 Million Euro.

About Biofund

BIOFUND SpA, established by Fondazione Monte dei Paschi, Bank Monte dei Paschi , Finanziaria Senese di Sviluppo e Fidi Toscana, provides the initial seed capital for companies located in the incubator of Toscana Life Sciences in Siena.