The Company

EXTERNAUTICS is an innovative biotech company established in 2007 to exploit the unique possibilities offered by the Reverse Proteomic YOMICS® Platform toward the identification and development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic markers for Oncology applications.

The past ten years have seen a tremendous increase in the use of Monoclonal Antibodies for the treatment of cancer diseases. Herceptin and Erbitux are clear examples of the present trends of the cancer clinical therapy to target and kill tumor cells on the basis of specific protein markers present on the tumors. Yet, the frequency of tumor regression is still limited to a very low percentage of the patient population submitted to treatment.

EXTERNAUTICS firmly supports the idea that new and efficient tumor markers have to be identified and clinically developed in order to give the oncologists a variety of different monoclonal antibodies to be used as a function of the specific tumor markers exposed by the patient population.

It is however fundamental that the new tumor markers are identified through innovative approaches that take into account not only the genomic information accumulated during the past decade but also through an efficient screening of clinical tissues and fluids.

Accordingly, Externautics’ approach is based on the screening of Libraries of Polyclonal Antibodies and Recombinant Proteins (YOMICS®) generated from the corresponding human gene library of the poorly known membrane and secreted proteins. Externautics’s has acquired from PRIMM (Milan, Italy) the world wide rights to exploit the YOMICS® platform for the Oncology field.

The company is based in Siena, Italy, in the stimulating Bio-Incubator of Toscana Life Sciences and it enjoys the proximity of an important scientific community where academic and industrial research meet and help the advancement of small and young companies like Externautics.

Externautics was founded by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs with strong experience in the management of biotech companies and industrial R&D. The company is partnering with major biotech investment funds.