Welcome to our world of biomarkers

Externautics is proud to have you visiting our web site. We specialize in the discovery of novel biomarkers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in ONCOLOGY.

Our experimental approach is unique. Rather than looking for biomarkers through RNA expression profiles or through traditional proteomic investigations, we search for new oncology markers directly on clinical tumor tissues. How do we do that? We rely on libraries of high quality antibodies generated from optimized recombinant proteins coded by still-unknown human genes.

Our partners are also unique. The biotech company PRIMM, based in Milano, Italy, founder of Externautics is the provider of the basic technology and of the libraries of Antibodies (YOMICS®) and Recombinant Proteins. The European Institute of Oncology in Milan is involved in the screening of the YOMICS library on clinical cancer tissues. The team is finally backed by the experienced venture capital firms, MPS Venture SGR and Biofund.

We enjoy the great location in the city of Siena, Italy with strong contacts and collaborations with other industrial and scientific actors like Novartis, Toscana Life Sciences and the Universities of Siena and Firenze.